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Liliane Potiron, aged 23 years old is currently studying on full time basis at the Mauritius Institute of Education, Réduit. She is in the final year of course Bachelor of Education (Honours) Secondary in Physical Education.

She specialized in triple jump and long jump and has been practising these events for almost 10 years. She has also participated in Heptathlon events.

Liliane’s best achievement in triple jump so far was her last national record on 7th August 2021, which she said was an amazing moment. She is also very proud as she encountered many challenges due to the pandemic and proved to be a hard worker.

Another date that was memorable for her was the National Championships held on 4th September 2021. Liliane broke 5 national records (3 in Long Jump and 2 in Triple Jump). Her fourth record jump was unfortunately not validated due to unfavourable winds.

Everyone will also remember Mauritius winning the last Indian Ocean Island Games, and Liliane is proud to say that she has contributed enormously to this victory.

The first time that Liliane participated at the African Championships was in Nigeria. She took the 7th place and being present in this type of event for the first time, she enjoyed a great adventure.

The TFES has helped Liliane by paying her monthly expenses which has given her the opportunity to focus on her training and studies. The TFES has also provided her educational materials to facilitate in her studies.



MARCH 2022