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The State Recognition Allowance for Retired Athlete is applicable to sportsperson who have won a medal (Gold or Silver or Bronze) at SENIOR LEVEL in either an Olympic or Non-Olympic discipline since 12 March 1968 in the following competitions: 

  • Olympic Games
  • Paralympics Games
  • World Championships,
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Francophone Games,
  • African Championships
  • African Games

The Scheme takes into consideration all performances recorded in competitions listed above, by a retired athlete since independence of Mauritius in 1968 but payment is not retroactive.

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  • be aged 35 years old and is, at the time of application for the allowance, still a citizen of Mauritius holding either a Mauritian National Identity Card or passport at the time of application is made
  • at the time of application have been retired completely in any competitive sport at national and international levels.
  • The retired athlete shall, upon approval of application, not be eligible to compete for selection in any national squad as an athlete in any sport and any age category competitions of that particular sport.
  • Subject to the approval of the Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports, the retired athlete may be allowed to compete in selective competitions in any sport at national level with objective to provide active athletes valued opponents for them to progress.
  • The retired athlete is only allowed to compete in Sports for All activities for physical, mental, social and health benefits.
  • The retired athlete shall immediately inform the Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports in case he or she comes out of retirement and wishes to compete again in any national and international competition. In doing so, payment of allowance shall immediately stop
  • No retired athlete shall be eligible for the allowance where
    •  He/she has been sentenced to imprisonment by a Court for a criminal offence
    •  He/she has, in one way or another, brought disrepute to the sports sector and the Motherland.
  • No application shall be considered from parents, children and wives or husbands of deceased retired athletes

The quantum of allowance to each athlete has been determined by a committee.

Documents to be produced upon request for State Recognition Allowance
  • The State Recognition Allowance (Ref 4.0) request form duly filled and approved by respective federation
  • New ID OR valid passport OR birth certificate of less than 3 months
  • Character certificate or equivalent done during the current year
  • Proof of performance – any one of these:
    • results from international federation
    • certificate received for the performance
    • photo of athlete on podium where the competition can clearly be identified
    • or any other document that might prove the performance you are stating)