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Alexandre Mayer, 23 years old has started his career in Cycling in year 2011. He is currently studying at the Middlesex University in Mauritius. He was inspired to take up Cycling as his sport by his father and brother who were both riders. In the beginning, Cycling was a fun for him as he gave more importance to his studies over his performance. He went to France in 2016 to start tertiary studies in Bordeaux after his “Baccalaureat” until he realised that it was not what he wanted. He started missing cycling and came back in Mauritius in 2017.


In 2017, he focused fully on cycling and he said that he was overwhelmed with his decision and has no regret. Alexandre said “It’s my life and this is what I like to do.” 

Alexandre best achievements, so far, are four (4) Elite National Titles in Road Race and Mountain Bike which he won in 2020 and 2021. He also won the Tour of Mauritius in 2020 and two (2) Gold Medals in the 2019 Indian Ocean Islands Games held in Mauritius. He also won a Gold Medal in the Team Event at the Road African Cycling Championships held in Egypt in 2022 recently.

The TFES has helped Alexandre to pursue his studies during the last 2 years. He said that a sport career is not everything in life and one must give importance to studies as well in order to have job opportunities and a better future.




APRIL 2022